uses the power of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) to sanitize the air in your immediate surroundings and protect against:
Protection All Around
With the rise of new viruses, influenza outbreaks, and various health risks from bacteria, mould, and even troublesome odours, the safety and protection of our health is at the forefront.
Personal Space Sterilization
Using Blocker provides a clean, safe zone of up to 1 meter around you.
Easy to Use
Just Peel, Wear, and Go!

Carry it along for protection all day, always. Simply wear around the neck, clipped to a shirt pocket, or attached to a handbag.
Long Lasting
Once activated, Blocker remains fully effective for 30 days.
Patent Protected Technology
Developed in Japan and refined over a 10‑year period, Blocker utilizes solidified ClO2 technology.