Founded in 1988, Heritage Foundation has been committed to serving communities for over 30 years. The revolutionary Blocker is the latest in our health-oriented product offerings.

The result of over 40 years of research into chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and its applications, Blocker was developed in 2011 by Kiyohiro Wake, founder and head of research of Envroy Co. Ltd. in Japan.

The Envroy Blocker is your personal protection against airborne infections. It is your first defense against viruses, bacteria, mould, pollen and offensive odours.

Japan Patent
The pioneering product “Blocker” uses a patent protected proprietary method that combines ClO2 with a substance to achieve a solid form that safely and continuously dissipates ClO2 gas to create a clean zone around the user in a way that no other products can duplicate.

Envroy holds Japan patent for its original product “Blocker” and Mr. Wake is also the originator of the term “Virus Blocker”.